Every once in a while I take a few moments to refresh my Photoshop skills. never to produce high end seamless images, mostly to make myself laugh. i have a childish sense of humor sometimes… Original “WTF?!” image posted on my facebook wall by close friend : …and then the silliness started: Aug 16, 2012 […]

Before my last trip to Virginia i was photo window shopping at Adorama when i noticed they were having a sale on their Tiltall tripods. i decided to get one, after all, F.I.T. had one and whenever i used it i did enjoy it’s simplicity and weight compared to the Bogen/Manfroto junior geared head tripod […]

Today i downloaded Hipstamatic for my iPhone and took a few test images. Admittedly, I’ve always been very conflicted by software that recreates the look and feel of vintage photography on mobile devices but after reading and seeing a blog post by one of my favorite contemporary photographers Rob Sheridan and a little inspiration from […]

Time Lapse Photography Shot from the 16th floor of a building on West 57th Street, NYC. I picked up a GoPro Hero last month and have been playing with it extensively. I really enjoy it’s Interval Shooting feature the most, and have used it to one of a couple timelapses I’ve done at my Internship. […]

“Interview/Memory” Layout files. These images are to show/explain the concept and installation display. The last 3 images show a simultaneous moment in each of the two videos. Here i present the video in a number of different ways: this version shows the memory and the interview screens at the same time Interview/Memory (2:1 version) from […]